On Demand Webinars
Prep and Communication: A Discussion with DP’s and Producers

Join us for this 45 minute panel discussion with industry experts , , and moderator Brian Sharp.

Originally aired Feb 10, 2022

How Communication Ensures Better Decisions (1/4)

Want to streamline communication on set? Learn how you can turn 10 minute discussions into 10 seconds decisions with the Onset Assistant.

Originally aired Aug 26, 2021

How Collaboration Ensures Better Decisions (2/4)

Learn how to improve collaboration and avoid lengthy discussions with the Onset Assistant.

Originally aired Sept 30, 2021

How Evaluation Ensures Better Decisions (3/4)

See how to improve the evaluation process with the Onset Assistant, so you can confidently move onto the next setup.

Originally aired Oct 27, 2021

Making Great Informed Decisions with the Onset Assistant (4/4)

See how using the Onset Assistant to communicate, collaborate, and evaluate leads to quicker and better decision-making on set.

Originally aired Dec 2, 2021

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