The key to a well-managed film and television production is communication.

The Onset Assistant enables fast, accurate communication.


Consider these typical on-set frustrations:


Miscommunication over walkie or phone because the person you’re talking to can’t see what you’re talking about.


Skipping playback because the day feels too rushed to double check your work.


Burning time waiting for crucial feedback from someone off set because they can’t be in two places at once.


Being out of the loop on what’s coming up next because no one told you about a schedule change.


Wasting time rehearsing background extras because you are limited to using words and walkies to express physical actions.


Losing valuable energy and time in creative arguments because you lack a visual reference or record of past decisions.

Onset Assistant provides the solutions to your problems.

Like you, we’ve spent years on set and have seen first-hand the communication problems that limit the creative potential of talented crews.

From “No — My left, not your left!” to “Wait, what are we shooting now?” and everything in between, these problems cost money, waste time, and reduce the quality of the final product.

Our team has lived the pain of production problems, and we have developed the Onset Assistant to help you save time, reduce frustrations, and focus on creating great work.


1. Continuity

Issue: Continuity errors ruin your scene.  Argh!

Onset Solution: Align the current camera feed to previous shots and setups. Cut and print.



2. Matching Eye Lines

Issue: The eye lines between two characters don’t match = audience confused.

Onset Solution: Match eye lines between shots or multi-camera setups = engaged audience.


3. Multi-Camera Review

Issue: Video village for your multi-camera setup is a confusing mess.

Onset Solution: View a multi-camera display at the touch of a button. Action!



4. Media assets

Issue: You just lost your production bible.  “That’s it — I quit!”

Onset Solution: Instantly access a comprehensive media library of reference material, stills, and recent takes.  Need we say more?


5. Workflow

Issue: “What shot comes next?  Do we need a new setup?”

Onset Solution: “Got it — closeup on Actor B with the same setup.  Let’s get it done!”



6. Immediate Fixes

Issue: "We’ll fix it in post" usually ends with someone sobbing in the editing room.

Onset Solution: Point out mistakes to avoid retakes and regrets in the edit. Crisis averted.


7. On Set Discussions

Issue: Hair and Wardrobe doesn’t understand what the AD is asking for.

Onset Solution: Choose a channel to have a private visual conversation. Now you can communicate your idea quickly and without disruption.



8. Lighting

Issue: Obscure or unclear lighting directions can become a big time suck.

Onset Solution: Make a detailed lighting tweak the gaffer can easily follow.  Save for future reference.  Huzzah!



9. Props Placement

Issue: “Not my left — camera left!”

Onset Solution: Subtle changes can be saved in the media library for later.


"The Onset Assistant instant playback feature for quick reference saved my hide hundreds of times a day by solving crucial continuity questions."

Errol Richardson Script Supervisor

Errol Richardson, Script Supervisor

"I really loved the system, especially how I could mount the tablet on my hip, hands free, spots the camera operator while looking at the camera feed and my feet at the same time. It was invaluable to help me spot bogies, reflections and focus issues."

Errol Richardson Script Supervisor

Mahdi Selseleh, Camera assistant

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The Onset Assistant turns 10 minute discussions into 10 second decisions.