Making Great Informed Decisions with the Onset Assistant | December 2

Unify your team’s workflow with a solution for COVID-19, The Onset Assistant™
Safely communicate with your crew from anywhere in the world with annotations, live video monitoring, and playback.
Onset Communication is a technology company specializing in visual communication for the film and television industry. We care about the quality of communication on set and making your day go smoother.
Off-set Communication
Safely communicate with your crew from anywhere in the world using annotation over live video monitoring and playback.
Connect securely from anywhere in the world with VPN and end-to-end encryption.
Ultra-Fast Playback
Go from recording 4 cameras to synchronized playback in less than 2 seconds, and cue up to 12 different library videos — each in their own channel.
Wireless Monitoring
View live camera feeds, or playback on high-quality tablets while 6 feet apart or 12,200 miles from set.
COVID-19 is forcing crews to change the way they work. With social distancing and travel restrictions in place, the Onset Assistant™ is the safest and most efficient way to communicate with the rest of your team — as if they were on set. Whether you’re blocking a scene, pre-lighting, or checking continuity, you can competently work from a safe distance.

"Every conversation I have with someone is about solving a problem and moving the production forward. The Onset Assistant saved me from being involved in many conversations as the crew was using the system to solve their own issues, which by proxy, saved the company time."

Luke Miller
Director of Photography Grace and Frankie - season 7 - Netflix

"I was nervous about adding new technology to the shoot … it turned out to be hugely useful and really easy to work with."

Millefiore Clarkes
Writer/Director Solastalgia

"I can't imagine going to another film shoot and having them say there's no Onset."

Donna Gorrill
Script Supervisor

"The Onset Assistant instant playback feature for quick reference saved my hide hundreds of times a day by solving crucial continuity questions."

Errol Richardson
Script Supervisor

“It works like a charm. It saved money because of travel and our carbon output as well. It was so crazy efficient.”

Greg Hemmings
Hemmings House Pictures
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