Decentralize your video village

Live monitor and playback four cameras while communicating with crew from anywhere in the world.

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OFFset Access

View exactly what the cameras are seeing from anywhere in the world.
Fully secure VPN with end-to-end encryption.

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Save time communicating ideas knowing you're looking at the same frame.

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Ultra Fast Playback

Go from recording 4 cameras to synchronized playback in less than 2 seconds.
Cue up to 12 different library videos, each in their own channel.

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Wireless monitoring

View live camera feeds or playback on high quality tablets 6ft away from set to as far as 12,000 miles from set.

Turn 10 minute discussions into 10 second decisions

Help your
get the most out of every day with the best post-COVID workflow solution.


Travel restrictions and COVID making it hard to be on or near set?
Remotely monitor with less than 2 second latency and communicate visually with the crew on set.



Struggling to describe a blocking move to your team at a safe social distance?
On your tablet, you can draw out the blocking for everyone to see, and save it for reference!

Travel restrictions making it difficult to get to set?
Direct remotely using our monitor and communication tools from anywhere in the world.

Director of Photography

Struggling to explain pre-lighting changes while you are on main unit? Can’t be in two places at once?
Remotely draw your intention for your team to see exactly what you need. Be in two places at once!


Assistant Director

Due to social distancing you can’t see where someone is on set to direct their action better?
Use an overwatch camera to see and direct action on set outside the frame of the camera

Script Supervisor

Wish you could see playback more easily to check continuity?
Easy access to library to request playback, without disturbing anyone else.

Need Set Dec to adjust something between takes but might forget?
Draw over your live feed to discreetly notify Set Dec what you need adjusted, as it happens.


Our customers are our biggest fans.

Here are a few nice things folks have said about the Onset Assistant.


"Onset turned out to be a really valuable tool even on a small indie film set. I was nervous at first to introduce any new technology into the process - thinking that it may be more hindrance than help on such a small set - but it turned out to be hugely useful and really easy to work with. Every department used it throughout the shoot."

Millefiore Clarkes
Writer/Director Solastalgia

"I can't imagine going to another film shoot and having them say there's no Onset."

Donna Gorrill
Script Supervisor

"It was invaluable to help me spot bogies, reflections and focus issues."

Mahdi Selseleh
Camera Assistant

"The Onset Assistant instant playback feature for quick reference saved my hide hundreds of times a day by solving crucial continuity questions."

Errol Richardson
Script Supervisor

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Frequently asked questions


Does it take long to setup?

You can go from powered-down to reviewing media or recording takes in less than three minutes.


What does the Onset Assistant replace?

  • VTR playback machine
  • Wireless audio monitoring
  • Wireless monitoring (except follow focus)

Is training required to use the software?

The Onset Assistant is easy to use and quick to learn. If you are familiar with Android or iOS you'll go from novice to expert in no time.

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