Technical data
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Live Feed (up to 4 cameras)

Recording (up to 4 cameras)

Playback (up to 4 cameras)



Data Import/Export

USB flash drive or HDD/SSD

Format: NTFS, ExFAT, FAT32 or EXT4

Video Input

HD-SDI (up to 4 cameras) or

HDMI (up to 3 cameras)

Auto configure based on input signal

Optimal Camera Setting


Video Output

Wireless (to Onset tablets)

HDMI (from Onset tablet to monitor)

Recording File Format

H.264, mp4 container

Recording Media

Internal SSD

Recording Capacity

280 camera-hours

More upon request

Recording Frame Rates

23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30

Audio Input

External XLR mono

Embedded audio (HDMI or HD-SDI)

Audio Output

Tablet 3.5mm headphone jack

Tablet built-in speakers

HDMI embedded with video feed

Sound Level Input

Line level

Audio Recording

AAC in mp4 container

Wireless Signal

802.11ac, 5GHz band

Power Input


Power Consumption

<60W at 110V

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 36°C


Mk. I: 45 lbs (LxWxH): 13.5" x 22" x 22.4"

Mk. II*: 21lbs (LxWxH): 22.0" x 14.0" x 9.0"

Mk. III**: 14lbs (LxWxH): 14.9″ x 9.8" x 8.6″

*Overhead bin airline approved

**Under-seat airline approved

System Checklists
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Prep Checklist:
  • Batteries fully charged (2x batteries per tablet)
  • Tablets fully charged (avoid letting them get below 15% charged)
  • Server has been wiped of content (or upload previous job to server)
  • All HDMI and SDI inputs are working properly. Test by plugging in cam (for SDI and/or HDMI) or laptop (HDMI).
  • Tablets have been provisioned to the server (via USB port)
  • Sufficient ethernet cable footage for the situation for mounting access points. Multiple access points are required to work around walls.
  • Create users from crew list on call sheet if available
  • Indicate to the crew that they are responsible for bringing their own headphones (mini jack or Bluetooth)
  • On-location checklist:
  • Secure stable source of AC power (110v, 130w draw)
  • Position server such that cables from cameras and sound cart will reach or wireless feeds will be strong
  • Ensure that the video source(s) are from the end of the video feed chain (e.g., if a monitor is in the video chain, loop out of monitor and the into the server)
  • The access point(s) provide coverage to the desired areas
  • Test by walking around the areas and checking for drops (camera feed NOT required)
  • If the area has crowded wifi with lots of other wireless devices, turn the system on last
  • Startup Checklist:
  • Turn on the RED power button and then BLUE server button. Reverse order to shutdown.
  • Plug access point ethernet cable into patchbay and make sure it has fully powered on (indicated by a solid blue light on the access point) handing out tablets.
  • Power on tablets and launch the Onset Assistant
  • Turn audio off on tablets to avoid audio feedback.
  • Insert charged batteries into tablets and make sure the tablet icon indicates it is on charge before handing out. Always try to have a battery charging the tablets. If tablet internal battery runs below 15%, the external battery won’t be able to keep the tablet running.
  • Audio:

    If unsure about audio source default to XLR audio source.

  • Embedded: If the audio source is coming from the camera, go to the “Maintenance” page, select the “A/V Settings” button ensure it is toggled to “Embedded”.
    WARNING If the A/V setting is set to “Embedded” and there is no audio feed with the video feed, an error will occur and no video signal will be displayed. Solution, change audio source to "XLR".
  • XLR: Plug in mono audio signal from sound cart. Go to the “Maintenance” page, select the “A/V Settings” button ensure it is toggled to “Analog”. Line level audio input only.
  • Video:
  • Ensure video feed is HD 1080p signal. (30fps progressive works best)
  • Ensure video signal has a LUT applied to normalize the image before reaching the system.
  • Training manual
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    Onset product sheet
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